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NOTE:Whatcom Lodge has moved from the Maplewood Masonic Center to the Bellingham Scottish Rite Hall at 1101 NORTH STATE STREET.


District 10

Brother’s Lunch

On the third Tuesday of each month, Masonic brother’s from District 10 meet for an informal lunch at The Rusty Wagon at noon.

6937 Hannegan Rd, Lynden, WA .





First Thurs each Month

Special Communication



Dinner at 5:30 pm

Meeting at 6:30 pm

at the Scottish Rite Hall

1101 N. State Street 

Bellingham, WA



Third Thursday each Month

Stated Communication


Dinner at 5:30 pm

Meeting at 6:30 pm

at the Scottish Rite Hall

1101 N. State Street

Bellingham, WA

Lodge officers

VWB Terrell Goertz

Worshipful Master
Master’s Message:

Welcome to Whatcom Lodge #151 

How old is Freemasonry? No one knows for sure.  Its origins have been lost in the sands of time.  We know for sure it’s at least 300 years old. The United Grand Lodge on England was formed in 1717.  This part we know, and have the most documentation for.  And yet, it’s the least plausible date.  The Regis Manuscripts held in the London Museum date the Fraternity back to the last part of the fourteenth century.  And, if the dates mentioned in the manuscripts are to be believed, it dates back to the late tenth century in the time of King Athelstan, the first King of England.  And of course, today’s Masonic Lodges prefer to use the legend of our formation from the building of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.  One thing is for sure.  Since the dawn of man and the first time he scrawled images on the wall of his cave, the use of symbols to convey thoughts of God, nature, geometry, and morality have been with us. 

Through the lapse of time and devastations of war, societies, civilizations and empires have crumbled to dust.  Yet, through all this, Freemasonry has endured, retaining many of its original lessons. 

Whatcom #151 Lodge is over 100 years old.  We welcome all good men who seek to make themselves better and are willing to work at it.  We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday at 5:30 of every month.  Every meeting is preceded by a meal where all members and prospective members, or just the curious, are invited to attend.  We have many community leaders in law enforcement, politics, finance and education, yet all are welcome.  No matter your race, political affiliation, or religious faith, you will find a spirit of welcoming in our Lodge. 

Masonry is unlike any other organization you have heard of.  We are NOT a service club.  Although we participate in many charitable functions, they are a byproduct of who we are rather than a stated purpose.  We are a fraternity.  Our stated purpose is to “Make good men better” by recognizing the “Brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God”. 

If you are a Brother visiting from out of town, please join us for dinner!  We welcome the fellowship.  To our Brothers in the other Lodges of this Jurisdiction, we deeply value your friendship and fraternal bonds and delight in your attendance. If you’re just curious, and wonder what we’re all about, give our Secretary a call and join us for dinner.  Discover for yourself why Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternity on the planet.  Maybe you will choose to be numbered among the Brethren who have included Sir Isaac Newton, Mozart, Voltaire, Frederick the Great, Richard Dreyfus, Bart Starr, John Wayne,  13 signers of the Declaration of Independence and at least 14 United States Presidents.  

So…what is Freemasonry?  And what are its secrets?  The mystery of Freemasonry can be summed up in this question: How do you get 6 million men of different races, creeds, and political affiliations to meet as equals, with a smile, a firm handshake, and with a true sense of brotherly love?  I have MY answer.  There are 6 million other answers found within the hearts of my Brothers worldwide.  Come discover your own personal answer at Whatcom #151 Masonic Lodge. 


VWB Terrell Goertz, Worshipful Master


Bro Bruce Smith

Senior Warden

















WB Ken Peck

Junior Warden


VWB John F Browne




WB Ted Schuman


Bro Jeff Roskelley

Senior Decon



Bro Luke Sullateskee 

Junior Decon 

Bro William Kappele

Senior Steward


Bro Moss Roberts

Junior Steward


WB Frank Meyers


Bro Jerry Hill



WB Claude Weedon



Bro Scott Jenkins



Whatcom Lodge #151 has moved from the Maplewood Masonic center to the Bellingham Scottish Rite Hall 1101 North State St.




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