Grand Master’s Achievement Award


The Grand Master’s Achievement Award is an annual District award instituted in the 1988-1989 Masonic year. Whatcom Lodge is one of three which compose District No. 10 of the M.W. Grand Lodge F & AM of Washington. Whatcom Lodge is proud of the following Brothers of our Lodge who were recipients of this award. 


1991              VWB Van E. Sargent
1996              VWB John C. Burley
2005              VWB Glenn W. Hutchings
2007              VWB Edwin N. Jungblom
2008              VWB John F. Browne
2013              WB Terrell Goertz
2018              WB Craig Bruner

2023              WB Ted Schuman


Ted King’s Masonic Inspirational Award


This award was created in 1997 by WM Glenn Hutchings. WB King was the presiding Secretary of Whatcom Lodge from 1985 through 1997. During this tenure he set such a high a standard of personal and Masonic conduct that the lodge chose to recognize him with this award. The award recipient is chosen by the current Worshipful Master, with consultation with previous recipients, when a Brother has demonstrated Masonic qualities which are seen to inspire others to greater effort in supporting our Lodge and the Craft in general. A beautiful plaque centering around a large anchor is on display in the lobby of the Bellingham Masonic Center.


1997              Award was presented to VWB Ed Jungblom by WM Larry West.
1998               Award was presented to WB John Burley by WM Larry West.
1999              Award was presented to WB Glenn Hutchings by WM John Browne.
2000              Award was presented to B Albert V. Olund by WM John Browne.
2001              Award was presented to WB John Browne by WM Buck Strickland.
2002              Award was presented to B Frank Myers by WM Buck Strickland.
2003              Award was presented to WB Buck Strickland by WM Glenn Hutchings.
2004              Award was presented to B Ted McQuiston by WM Glenn Hutchings.
2012              Award was presented to WB Ted Schuman by WM Monte Thompson.
2015              Award was presented to WB Bill Hall by WM John Brown.
2018              Award was presented to WB Thom Baughn by WM Craig Bruner.

Hiram’s Award


  1999      Award was presented to WB Ed McAllister by WM John Browne.
  2003      Award was presented to WB John Browne by WM Buck Strickland.
  2006      Award was presented to B Oussama El-Khoury by WM Mike Johnston.
  2010      Award was presented to WB M. H. “Buck” Strickland Jr. by WM Boyd McEwen.
  2011      Award was presented to WB John Burley by WM Monte Thompson.
  2012      Award was presented to WB Larry West by WM Monte Thompson.
  2013      Award was presented to WB Glenn Hutchings by WM Monte Thompson.

2014     Award was presented to B Frank Myers by WM John Brown.  

2018     Award was presented to WB John Brown by WM Craig  Bruner.  

2018     Award was presented to WB  Craig Bruner by WM John Brown.  

2022     Award was presented to B Jerry Hill by WM Craig Bruner.  

2023     Award was presented to WB Ken Peck by WM Terrell Goertz.